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Accompanied by the invention of IVF treatment, a host of other treatments were invented over time. IVM or Invitro Maturation is a type of infertility treatment in which eggs are collected from the ovaries when they are  immature.
When should you go for IVM treatment ?
Women who are susceptible to developing Ovarian Hyper stimulating Syndrome ( reaction to infertility drugs) or PCOS ( Polycystic ovary syndrome are mostly choosing this treatment over IVF. Compared with IVF chances of successful pregnancy with IVM are also equal but all the eggs will not be mature enough to be fertilized.
Advantages of IVM treatment are:
  • The patient has to take less medication compared to those who are undergoing IVF treatment
  • Short duration of treatment
  • It is cost effective as it doesn't need costly gonadotropin injections  LabServices-1030x687.jpg
IVM treatment procedure ?
The doctor will examine the medical , fertility history and conduct other health checkup to find out the actual problem lies with the patient.
  • At first, immature eggs will be collected from the ovary of the women. In this, the women don't have to consume ovary-stimulating drugs or other infertility medicines.
  • For a period of one or two days, the eggs are placed in a culture medium which contains a few hormones.
  • After maturing eggs will be fertilized using ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection- a needle that contains one sperm directly injects into the egg. Later the embryos will be implanted in women’s uterus.

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