Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Laparoscopic Surgery for Infertility

Amazing facts about Laparoscopic Surgery for Infertility
Infertility nowadays is being a major issue not only between the couples but even in the society. Three to four decades ago there were no proper treatments available. But out of the vast medical technology improvement, many treatments are found to erase out the word “Infertility” from the society.

What and Why we?
Fertile Solutions IVF & Research Center, Delhi is famous for its IVF treatment (In Vitro Fertilization). Dr. Ruchi Malhotra, a well experienced and renowned DGO who toils to increase the fertility rate by deducting infertility root cause. Apart from IVF various fertility methods are handled by key physicians to bring successful fertility rate.
Why Laparoscopic view and Surgery?
Laparoscopic Surgery for Infertility is a minimally invasive and short time recovery treatment. This is a commonly applied procedure to evaluate infertility condition. In this treatment two incisions are made in the areas of pubic hairline and navel where laparoscope, an instrument is inserted through one incision and surgical instruments are inserted in another incisional area. This less complicated procedure avoids traditional surgical procedure and leaves minimal pain. Clear view of internal organs like fallopian tubes, uterus, ovaries, gall bladder and liver are visualized by the surgeons in the Laparoscopic procedure.
How to overcome FTI successfully?
Blocks or damage in the fallopian tube causes fallopian tube infertility. This blockage may be due to an infection in the uterus and in fallopian tubes (PID), the cause of previous surgeries in the pelvis or abdominal region and tuberculosis in the pelvic region. Removal of blocks and damages in the fallopian tube raises the fertility rate by doing Tuboplasty treatment. Thus Laparoscopic view and surgery aid to identify the infertility root cause clearly.
Why us ?
Careful and crystal clear diagnosis, modern fertility techniques, amicable atmosphere and friendly & faithful medical team are our hospital’s core features to serve the couple in a cost effective way. Do not postpone your desire of becoming parents, do call us, fix an appointment with our chief and walk towards a cherished life…..
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