Friday, 22 July 2016

Is Pregnancy Possible With PCOS?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) are the disorder in women occurred due to some kind of hormonal imbalance in the body. This problem is severe to cause irregularities in your periods and even make chances of your pregnancy difficult. The disorder may even bring changes in your appearance and eventually lead you to certain health problems.

Women with PCOS develop a number of small cyst in their ovary. These cysts are not harmful but lead your hormones out of balance. The condition should be treated as soon as diagnosed which may help you reduce the symptoms and prevention of long time health issues.

Difference between a normal ovulation and one with PCOS:
During a normal menstrual cycle with ovulation, mature cysts (follicle) is developed. These matured follicles gets ovulated. After the 14 days of ovulation the woman is expected to get her periods if she does not get pregnant. But while suffering from PCOS, the cyst (follicles) with eggs may develop but they won't get matured. This creates an absence of ovulation. As there is no regular ovulation they might get an irregular periods.

Symptoms and chances of PCOS:
The major symptoms of PCOS that comes in out notice are;
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Excess growth of body and facial hairs
  • Body and facial hair growth getting worsen in appearance over the years

The excess growth of facial and body hairs are due to the excess amount of male hormones that increases the level of testosterone in blood. This condition of excess growth of body and facial hair is termed as Hirsutism.

Studies prove that PCOS is a common disorder suffered by about 8-10% of women during their reproductive age.

Can one conceive with PCOS?
The fertility rates in women suffering from PCOS are minimum as the follicles do not get matured. Rarely some women with PCOS will ovulate and release eggs occasionally, but others do not and they need to undergo certain treatments to overcome the situation.
The happy knowledge is that the rate of women attaining pregnancy with PCOS with the help of infertility treatments is at quite good measures. Majority of women with PCOS gives a good result of pregnancy with the fertility treatments. Usually, induction of ovulation is the treatment given to those who do not get pregnant because of PCOS.

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