Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Trouble Trying to Conceive ???

As a couple, you’ve been trying to conceive for several months without success.Here are some things that can help you determine when to see a specialist::  

If any couple who has been looking for child for one year without any protection is required to go to the doctor, so that the problem can be identified and can be treated at the same time. The initial test would be the basic general examination and the specific test for males would be semen routine examination and routine culture. For female, a test which needs to know the hormone levels in the body.Then the test for the tube include laparoscopy, they include hysteroscopy which will tell us about healthy tubes and uterine cavity. Then there are other tests which are done through infection in the female gentile system. So these are the basic test, if these tests are found normal we can treat infertility by simple therapies of drugs only, but if there is a problem identified with the tube or in the uterus or sometimes in the ovaries we need to go for higher tests which is called laparoscopy or hysteroscopy .  

Here doctor talks about Infertility and its causes along with she talks about when should a couple go for a medical check up. 

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