Wednesday, 8 April 2015

IVF-Assisted Reproductive Techniques or Test Tube Baby Procedure Delhi - India

Treatment of Infertility can be drugs or with surgical techniques, With drugs we can stimulate the ovaries to make healthy eggs, which then meet the sperm and the pregnancy can take place. Some times they could be structural abnormalities within the uterus or they could be some fibroids which can need to be surgically resected. Then also the need for surgery is there, some times there could be cornual block which will need to treat hysteroscopically or laparoscopically and then you can have some kind of hope that the lady is going to get pregnant. 

When all other techniques of getting pregnant are unsuccessfull, then the patient is advised to go in for ivf. which is called In Vitro Fertilization  
Ivf is a simple technique , in which the ladies eggs are formed by multiple hormonal injections .The eggs are then matured and they are surgically retrieved under anesthesia . These eggs are then taken in laboratory in the test tube, in which the sperms are put in and the embryos formed. When the embryos healthy at day 3 or day 5, the embryos are retransfered back in to the uterine cavity of the women.The result of ivf can be exist after 14 days of transfer of the embryos.

Ivf technique started in 1978 in UK and since then almost all countries now are very well experienced with this technique. They are getting good result with ivf. Its giving lot of hope to couples who are unable to get pregnant because of some problems and its really helpful technique for these couples.  

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