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Overcome the Barriers and Fulfill Your Dream of Family

When speaking about infertility the main focus goes on a female. But it is a fact that male also being the counterpart of this problem. A man can become infertile due to Problems with sperm, over exposure to certain infections, abnormal sperm reduction, and function, Damage associated with cancer and its treatment.

Let us see the factors for Male infertility problem one by one:
If there is a complication is the delivery of sperm into a woman’s vagina, it causes infertility problems. There are some conditions that interfere with the normal sperm delivery are premature ejaculation, due to spinal injuries or disease semen become absent, congenital birth defect which is a misplaced urinary opening present on the penis underside that can be surgically corrected
Blocks in the testicles part that contain ducts for sperm ejaculation
In Retrograde Ejaculation, during orgasm, the sperms enter into urinary bladder than coming out of the penis. This condition may be due to the medications, diabetes, bladder, urethral surgery and prostate.

Heat, Toxins, and chemicals over exposure might lead to infertility. By altering the hormone system they may affect the sperm count directly or indirectly. Some of the factors listed below:
  • Chemical and pesticides decreases sperm production and lead to testicular cancer
  • Exposure to lead also affects the fertility rate
  • Going for regular saunas or hot tubes directly heat the testicles, thus reduces the sperm production and count
  • Tobacco in any form pulls down the sperm quality and count
The major cause of male infertility is found to be abnormal production or functions of the sperms. As the first step of infertility treatment, the patient is recommended for a semen analysis test which tests the quantity and quality of the sperms produced. The semen samples are assessed as:
  • Concentration (sperm count per ml of semen) – Oligospermia is the main cause and azoospermia is very rare.
  • Sperm shape – When the sperms are with abnormal shape it may not be able to penetrate into the egg
  • Motility – It represent the sperm activity, swimming capacity
  • Low sperm count could be caused by the following causes:
  • Injuries in testicles
  • Infections such as virus and mumps
  • Lifestyle and environmental factors
  • Undescended testicles
  • Endocrinal disorders
Cancer treatment might induce the side effects that ultimately impact on fertility as follows:
  • Drugs used in chemotherapy, high doses of chemo, a combo of chemo and radiotherapy might increase the infertility chances.
  • Seminal vesicles and prostate removal will directly impact with semen production
  • If the radiation is given near or in the testicles the radiation therapy drags down or totally stops the sperm production
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