Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Recurrent Abortion

What is Recurrent Abortion

Recurrent Abortion, also known as recurrent pregnancy loss, is a condition in which a women undergoes three or more consecutive pregnancy loss. About 1% couples faces recurrent abortion.

What Causes Recurrent Pregnancy loss

Main causes are listed below:
  • Genetics Issues: Abnormalities in couples(either in one or both) chromosome may result in pregnancy loss.
  • Problem with immune: Women who have antiphospholipid syndrome experiences miscarriages. 
  • Thrombophilia causes blood to clot which in turn causes miscarriages.
  • Problem with uterus: Like Abnormal shape(anatomic) or fibroid.
  • Hormone problem
  • Maternal infections such as rubella, measles etc. 
  • Unexplainable Causes
What are the different Treatments
  • Antiphopholipid Syndrome is treated using blood thinning medications such as heparin or aspirin.
  • IVF is opted if pregnancy loss is due to chromosomal defects.
  • There are more chance in future to get pregnant if reason for miscarriage is unexplainable.
How to avoid Recurrent Abortion
  • Consult your gynecologist regularly after pregnancy is confirmed.
  • Undergo check up to find whether there is any chances of pregnancy loss.
  • With permission of doctor have some immune boosters.
  • Consciously avoid stress and get adequate rest.
  • Avoid chemical spray(deodorant etc).
  • Avoid intake of caffeine , tea, soda etc.
Dr Ruchi Malhotra is a gynecologist in delhi who have successfully treated many couples who were facing recurrent abortion. She is head of Fertile Solution IVF & Research Center.

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